We have been bringing groups both large and small to Cancun for 20+ years. During that time we not only cultivated solid relationships and trust with every reputable vendor from renting an umbrella at the beach to the decision makers at the best resorts throughout the region, we have built solid relationships with these folks that go far beyond the traditional business relationships.

Over time our contacts and vendors became friends and in some cases, nearly family. From bellmen to General Managers, the term “Mi Casa Su Casa” has a unique and true meaning with High Tide DMC. Over the years, we have spent countless holidays, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions with our friends from Mexico both in America as well as Mexico, so when we decided to combine forces, not only was it seamless, but it was built by people with a rich and long history.

The Catalyst that created High Tide DMC

In 2013 we decided to take this relationship even further. Over the years we became quite aware of the standard company structure that is still in place to this day. Work places that have dedicated, hard-working people that make pennies a day and are pushed to sell a set quota of optional excursions depending on the size of the group, and if they don’t make that quota, they are simply replaced. One good friend and now a member of our team told me about a conversation he had with his management awhile back. He was told that if you don’t conform to our way, leave, there are 30 people behind you that want your job today. Now, I can see on a business stand point you have to have a tight ship, the piece to the puzzle that shocked me is the greed that is accepted and condoned within a vast majority of Mexican based companies and the Destination Management Corporations could be the poster child for this behavior.  The staff that is required to sell a certain number of optional excursions receives “0%” commission on any tours they sale, it all goes to the management. That is when we decided to take it upon ourselves to start a Destination Management Company and reward the staff as they should be rewarded for going the extra mile. As a result, we have pulled the absolute best staff in the region, we continually work with each member of our team to help them make a better living and a much more appreciated work environment.

It is our commitment to the hospitality industry to change it for the better, as much as possible and as quickly as we can.